What You Get

One of the questions we often get is …..

What do I get for my subscription to Morf Marketing ?

  • Free Personal Advert for your subscription life –  (Usual Value £600)
  • Free Location – Your main area (one year) (Usual Value £360)
  • Free Category – Your industry (one year)(Usual Value £360)

Value – £1,320

(Additional location’s & categories are available – check our prices for extras)

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  • Free Social Media Marketing posts for one year via Morf Marketing  (Usual Value £1,200) 
  • Free Linking to your website or one social media page of your choice (Usual Value £100)
  • Freedom to post your own personal offers / promotions onto our social media pages (please don’t spam) (Value £-Priceless)

Value £1,300



All of the Above & More for well under £1,000 per year!

How would you like to be part of a new generation of affordable marketing & advertisement space !

If you haven’t got any social media pages or profiles then we suggest you do asap and book your Marketing Advert !

All we say is PLEASE NETWORK other businesses on social media via us at Morf Marketing….. Lets all support our LOCAL BUSINESSES.

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